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Smart Tech: The Pursuit of Technology Innovation

‘Smart tech’ companies will flourish by continued risk-taking in the pursuit of technology innovation.

Technologies (known as Deep Tech) such as AI, authentication, digital identity verification and advanced encryption are expected to make a big splash on the global technology front. If you are a company that is focused on these areas, you will need to outsmart the competition in aggressively productizing your technology. The WINNERS will be those players that take risks and pursue innovations which allow end users to interact with technology offerings more quickly, easily and securely.

Given the impact of COVID-19, such technologies are expected to grow and become even more widely used in the coming years. These smart tech companies will be expected to provide goods and services to better enable businesses support purchases, payments, identity verification, security infrastructure, remote work environments (‘hoteling') and while also limiting liability / risks when offering smart technology to customers / end users.

Key innovation characteristics of ‘smart tech’ technology:

Trust / Privacy

· Digital Identity

· Facial Recognition and other forms of ‘password-less’ verification

· Next generation technology to mitigate data exploitation & promote data privacy

Convenience / Safety / Security

· Contactless Technologies

· Transactions Quickly, Easily, Securely

· Personal safety first, staying productive, efficient & protected

Smart Tech Connectivity

· Advanced technology redefining modern life

· Complexity Simplified

· Ease of Use facilitating the ‘New Normal’

· Smart Tech encourages connectivity

Fallingst Technologies LLC (the management services provider of the IPRESTIGE Fund) is a boutique advisory services firm specializing in next generation technologies. We work with smart tech companies that are focused on the pursuit of technology innovation. For more information, please contact us here.

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